Call for applications – 2020 FIDES Awards for Philanthropy in Kosovo


The Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ) announces a call for participation in the competition for the FIDES award for Philanthropy in Kosovo.

While the whole world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic, the decisions of governments, organizations, and citizens in the face of the pandemic will transform not only the health, economic, social, and cultural system, but also the relationship of citizens with solidarity. It is precisely the crisis situations that highlight kindness, greed, solidarity, or civic isolation.

What has been the level of solidarity of the citizens of Kosovo with the crisis of COVID-19?

FIQ, in a situation of pandemic crisis, will organize online the distribution of the FIDES Award, with which individuals, companies, and organizations from Kosovo and the Diaspora will be rewarded for who systematically and with sensitivity to the environment, culture, and traditional values ​​have supported activities and projects of interest common.

The categories for the 2020 FIDES awards are:

Companies and CSOs from Kosovo and the Diaspora can apply for the following categories:

The FIDES award for contribution at the national level “Hasan Prishtina” – is awarded to the individual, company, or organization that has undertaken philanthropic activities at the national level.
The FIDES Award for Contribution from the Diaspora – is awarded to an individual, company, organization, or initiative from the Diaspora that has undertaken philanthropic activities in Kosovo.

Application requirements

For this competition, the named activities must have been implemented in the last year (2019-2020)
Only completed applications will be considered, as described in the official FIQ application form (which can be found on our website:, and those sent before the deadline.

How to apply:

– Download the application Application 2020

– After completing, send it to

The application form must be completed and all relevant materials must be attached to the application form.

The call for applications is open until November 20, 2020. Companies and CSOs participating in the call can apply themselves or be nominated by others.

For more information, please call no. 00383 38 610 677, or e-mail:

If you want to send the form in hard copy, forward it to the following address:

Forum for Civic Initiatives, FIQ

Pejton neighborhood, Pashko Vasa street, no. 12/1

10,000 Pristina, Kosovo

Note: The decision to select the winner of the FIDES award will be made by an independent jury in accordance with the established criteria.