FIDES 2010

FIQ organized for the second time the big award ceremony of the FIDES Award for Philanthropy in Kosovo. This traditional award symbolizes great public gratitude for Kosovar individuals and businesses, who are continuously and cautiously supporting activities and projects for the common good. By making public the names of companies, enterprises and individuals who have financially supported projects that have contributed to the common good of the people of Kosovo, this prestigious award aims to encourage others to follow this path.

Daughter of Anton Çetta, Mrs. Donika Çetta, in front of the audience, gave a speech, where among other things she said “When we were asked by FIQ, if they could use our father’s name to name one of the awards for philanthropy, we gladly accepted. For us, it will always be a pleasure to use my father’s name as a token of gratitude for the contribution of the people who are committed to having a more dignified life for our people, because he himself did the same. ”

More than 350 participants were present at the exclusive ceremony organized on December 1 to announce the winners of the FIDES Award. Among the special guests, who in a few words addressed the audience and presented the prizes to the winners were: Mr. Haki Abazi – Director of the Program for the Western Balkans (RBF), Mr. Dale Pfeiffer, former USAID Director in Kosovo and the Anton Çetta Award, was presented by Ms. Donika Çetta. Ferdinand Nikolla, Executive Director of FIQ.

FIDES 2010 Categories and Winners:

The FIDES award for National Contribution was won by the company “MERIDIAN Corporation LLC“, a company that has supported activities of social importance, activities that reflect positive perceptions and show solidarity.
The FIDES award for local contribution was won by the company “Kulla Exim shpk”, a company which has contributed to the improvement of living in the municipality of Deçan by supporting cultural activities, infrastructure and youth.
The FIDES award “Anton Çetta” was won by Milaim Jashari, a person who founded and works voluntarily in the humanitarian association “Fenix” in Ferizaj, through which during five years built 70 houses for the homeless, while only during 2010 he built 13 home.

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