FIDES 2018

In a magnificent evening was held the FIDES 2018 Ceremony, which also marked 10 years of FIDES, with guests from the diplomatic corps, civil society, citizens and friends of the Forum for Civic Initiatives. A special thanks goes to all FIDES sponsors for this year, such as: Dukagjini Invest, Golden Eagle, AMC, Translation Center, Daka Wine, Rugove Corporation, Finese, Tenda3 and a special thanks to our media sponsor Radio Television of Kosovo . All this Ceremony was realized with the tireless help of our supervisors. See you at the many other FIQ projects and activities!

FIDES Award for contribution at the national level “Hasan Prishtina“, for contribution to the development of civil society and democracy in the country, the Western Balkans and further, is awarded to Mr. Haki Abazi.

FIDES award for corporate contribution to society, for the continuous undertaking of philanthropic activities, the company that to date has shown corporate responsibility and contributed to various categories of society at the national level, goes to the local corporation Meridian.

FIDES Award for individuals, for their high contribution to the establishment and mobilization of the community for environmental protection and at the same time assistance to people with special needs, goes to Kushtrim Ahmeti, with the project Kosova Cap Project.

FIDES Award for contribution from the Diaspora, for humanism and the time allocated for women in Kosovo, was awarded to Mrs. Albana Krasniqi.