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Call for Experts | Needs Assessment

10.03.2019 UPDATE: This call for experts has been extended to 15.03.2019 at 15:00;

FIQ is starting a new project with the support of GiZ, to combat the informal waste sector in Kosovo, through the provision of services to IWCs’ mainly in the Roma, Egyptian, Ashkali community, in terms of improving their working conditions and increasing their income through their integration into the waste circular economy. As the lack of economic opportunities remains one of the key challenges of this community, they have been often forced to earn their livelihoods with the collection of waste material. In order to address this challenge, the project will seek to strengthen the self-organization of IWCs in social enterprises. It is envisaged that the IWCs will benefit from official registration and membership at the social enterprise.

Download here the Terms of References:

As part of the project, a needs assessment will be carried out with the CSOs, SEs, or businesses which will be selected in the respective 3 pilot municipalities for this project that includes: Mitrovica, Gjakova and Vushtrri. These entities will eventually be tasked to run and manage the social enterprises that will be launched as part of the project. In this regard, the direct needs assessment of the internal capacities of the selected entities (CSO, SE, or business) is necessary in order to better understand their positioning to take on this initiative, and the skillset and experience of their key staff members who will be engaged within the activities of the social enterprise. This needs assessment will also provide us with the information necessary to tailor the envisaged training modules for them.

The requested documents should be submitted by the 12th of March 2019 to

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