May 13, 2020
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Sign up for Impact

In December 2012, SIGN network started a project aiming to ensure significant support of citizens for civil society initiatives by creating a more favorable environment for philanthropy development, giving for public good and fundraising in local communities. This will further contribute to sustainability of civil society organizations and increase their impact in the democratization processes in the Western Balkans region.

Within the project activities that will be implemented until late 2016, special attention will be given to advocacy for legislative changes, leading towards instigating greater corporate and individual giving, adoption of standards for transparency and accountability in fundraising for civil society organizations, promotion of national and regional cooperation in development of local philanthropy and establishment of the first regional Sustainability Academy that will provide trainings and matching grants to organizations to successfully fundraise from local sources for initiatives of relevance for their respective communities.

Activities dedicated to the improvement of legal framework for philanthropy, promotion of good fundraising practices, instigation of corporate social responsibility and cross-sectoral cooperation, are conducted in partnership between Trag foundation from Serbia, Mozaik foundation from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fund for Active Citizenship from Montenegro, Forum for Civic Initiatives from Kosovo and VIA foundation from Czech Republic. National Foundation for Civil Society Development from Croatia and Balkan Trust for Democracy participate as associates in the project.

Project “SIGN for Sustainability” is implemented with financial support from European Union under the Partnership Programs for Civil Society Organizations and Balkan Trust for Democracy.

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