May 12, 2020
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Forum for Civic Initiatives together with LINK Campus University, financed by the European Community Office in Kosovo, has launched the project “Accelerate self-employment and entrepreneurship in Kosovo”.

This project will directly increase the employment of unemployed young people with difficult socio-economic conditions, encouraging them to express their entrepreneurial ideas regarding the agricultural sector and ICT.

100 individuals selected by the target group will attend intensive capacity building training, on key topics related to self-employment and entrepreneurship skills, as part of the Start-Up Accelerator program. At the end of the Start-Up Accelerator Program, the top 50 ideas will be presented to a panel of experts and local investors.

The selection panel will select the 20 startups with the greatest potential to create jobs will be rewarded with grants worth up to € 8,000, and will also have the opportunity to raise funds from local investors, and will be monitored to implement in practice their business ideas.

Who can apply?

This project is specifically designed to benefit unemployed young people and young people receiving social assistance. Applicants must be between 18 and 29 years old. Applications are expected from young people of the above two categories who want to start their own business.

The evaluation criteria for selecting the 100 best applications will be based on the following elements:

It must be in the embryonic stage, or something that has just begun.
It should be based on local sources.
It should be environmentally friendly and socially responsible.
It should provide employment opportunities for local people.
There must be a clear vision for future business growth
It should make a basic assessment of the local market to accept competitors and comparative advantages.
Must be included in the scope of “Sustainable Agriculture” or “ICT”

This project is funded by the European Union, managed by the European Union office in Kosovo and implemented by FIQ and LINK Campus University.

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