Published: Jan 12, 2022

Terms of Reference (ToR) – External Evaluation of the project

Terms of Reference (ToR) – External Evaluation of the project


Fostering Sustainable Organizational Development for CSOs in Kosovo Reference:


Contract No. 2018/399-748 Action timeline: 01/09/2018 – 31/12/2021


Financial Mentoring and Support to CSOs

Contracting Authority:             Forum for Civic Initiatives  

Funded by:                                  EU Office in Kosovo

Date of Publication:                   12/01/2022

Closing Time:                             09.03.2022       22:00

Address for Submission:


1.   Objective

This exercise aims to conduct an external evaluation on the performance of the EU-funded project titled “Accelerating self-employment and entrepreneurship in Kosovo” implemented by Forum for Civic Initiatives and Link Campus University. The output from this evaluation will be used for internal reflection and to target more accurately activities by FIQ in future interventions.


2.   Background information

The project “Accelerating self-employment and entrepreneurship in Kosovo is an EU-funded project implemented by Forum for Civic Initiatives and Link Campus University. The overall objective of the project is to promote youth social entrepreneurship by empowering innovative entrepreneurship approaches, designed to focus on creating high-growth start-ups that can be scaled up to generate local employment and contribute to local sustainable economic development. The overall budget for 25 months of the project was 301,924.00 EUR. These funds have been committed via project grants to 20 startups throughout Kosovo.

The Objectives of the project were as below:

  1. To identify and attract young entrepreneurs in Kosovo by providing the possibility of receiving start-up funding for those with high potential for scaling up,
  2. Engaging in innovative acceleration through capacity building trainings and mentorship tailored to the development of new entrepreneurial initiatives in the key development sector.
  3. To promote the local system and local solutions by enhancing the inter-sectorial cooperation (CSO’s, Government Institutions and Businesses).

The expected results of the project include:


  1. Result 1:

1.1 At least 100 young selected for the Start-Up Program.

1.2 At least 1 large-scale social media campaign is implemented

1.3 At Least 7 info sessions were held in 7 municipalities

  1. Result 2:
    • Four Matchmaking and idea generation sessions are held with all participants
    • At least 50 startups are created after idea generation and matchmaking grants
    • At least 50 Expert Coaching sessions are held with startups
    • At least one large peer-coaching session is organized for all startups
    • A pitch week is organized for 50 startups to pitch their ideas in front of expert panel
  • Result 3:
    1At least 20 start-ups receive financial support of up to 8k each

3.2 Each funded start-up is assigned an expert mentor

3.3 1 policy paper on best options for addressing youth through ALMMS development

The main deliverable/outputs of the scheme are attached to this ToR as Annex I.


3.   Specific objectives & Purpose of this exercise

For the projects of this scope and size, FIQ envisages external evaluations. The purpose is to take stock of the action delivery and achievements against contractual obligations and use findings for future activities. Hence, the project proposal and its budget have foreseen that the project conducts an external evaluation.



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