Published: Jan 11, 2020

PREX project: Meeting young people from Kaçanik

FIQ has gathered around 20 youngsters from Kaçanik to dicuss the needs of youth coming from this municiaplity. The meeting came as a result of the project “PREX” which aims at providing opportunities for youth in regards to employment, activism, youth activities and support of local NGOs.

Participants were divided in two-focus groups, where together with the team members discussed the challenges that youth is facing in this municipality. We received recommandations as FIQ is shaping the project based on their needs, PREX, a project that aims to provide opportunities for youth of Kaçanik.

FIQ believes that by providing opportunities for youth engagement, we can prevent negative occurences  and also channel youth potential in the right direction.  Through a proactive approach, we provide opportunities for youth to find meaning and meaningful engagemet through professional developement, by becoming active citizens and contributing to the overall development of their community.

Through this project, FIQ aims at raising opportunities for youth by developing their capacities,through employment and self-employment, by providing acces through youth NGOS and youth cuncils that serve as learning centers, knoweldge exchange, networking and civic engagement.

This project is supported by Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF).

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