Published: Feb 06, 2020

FIQ organized the FIDES Philanthropy Awards 2019

For the eleventh year in a row, Forum for Civic Initiatives organized the FIDES 2019 Philanthropy Awards Ceremony. In a warm atmosphere, at the premises of the National Museum of Kosovo, with this award honored the philanthropists of the year, who have systematically contributed to the general good.

FIDES 2019 Awards Ceremony opened by Mrs. Dajana Berisha, Executive Director of the Forum for Civic Initiatives, who among other things, said: “We wish this philanthropy dinner to be a good sign for the resolution of the political situation Kosovo is going through. The National Museum should be an institution of philanthropic collection over the years, as evidence in the formation of the state of Kosovo. Transparency and rule of law for the private sector the best way to identify their development projects”

This year, there were four FIDES awards:

The FIDES Award for National Contribution “Hasan Prishtina” was deservedly awarded to our heroes, who put their lives in the second place, showing a willingness to stand up for protection and salvation, just as the duty require. This award went to the Kosovo Security Force. This Award on behalf of FIQ, was presented by Mr. Albin Kurti.

FIDES Award for Corporate Contribution; for investments in ecology, in the creation of parks in different centers of the country, strategic investments in education and health were awarded to AL TRADE Center. This award on behalf of FIQ, was presented by Ms. Vjosa Osmani.

FIDES Award for individual contribution, fundraising and infrastructure investment in some of Kosovo’s primary schools went to Caleb Jones, a young American who, with the funds raised in America, has made some adjustments. This award on behalf of FIQ was presented by Mr. Ray Nayler, Deputy Public Affairs Officer, Educational Development, Cultural Diplomacy and Exchange, US Embassy in Kosovo.

FIDES  Award for Diaspora Contribution, for Social and Cultural Investments, while also giving its own time to organize lectures in the Swedish Parliament, to raise awareness of sexual victims in Kosovo, was given by Arta Krasniqi Trepca. This award on behalf of FIQ, was presented by Ms. Nasrin Pourghazian, Counselor, Head of Reform Cooperation, Swedish Embassy in Kosovo.

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