Published: Jan 11, 2020

FIQ and INDEP, launch “FLOW” project to strengthen and increase capacities of organizations from Civil Society

FIQ and INDEP, launch “FLOW” project to strengthen and increace capacities of organizations from Civil Society

Our overall objective of this project is to contribute to a more democratic and successful society through the sustainable development of CSO’s, which will serve as agents of change in politics and decision making of all the governing levels.

To achieve this objective, we created a number of activities in a way that 1)supports the development of independent CSO’s throughout Kosovo, focusing on the organizational, advocacy, fundraising, profiling,  creation of coliations and networking. 2). Promotion of the dialogue and collaboration between CSO’s, local  and central authorities.  After the community outrach as part of the project application, we will chose 14 CSO’s which comply with the selection criteria and that are promising for their communities.
After the succesful design of the Sustainable Development Academy, the selected Cso’s will go through phases of trainning where they will focuse on expanding their knowledfe in fields such as: advocacy, community outreach, fundraising, project management, finance management and budget lines, networking and leadership. Through the Sustainable Academy, which will function as an autodidact school for NGO’s will benefit more than 50 local Cso’s. After the trainning, these organizations will be able to win from grants from 35000 – 4000 to implement the ideas and their projects, while the thematic coalitions which will be created during the project will be supported up to 8500 euro.

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