Published: Jun 21, 2021

Call for training provider-ToR

ToR and Objectives 


FIQ is starting a new project with the support of GiZ, to combat the informal waste sector in Kosovo, through the provision of services to IWCs’ mainly in the Roma, Egyptian, Ashkali community, in terms of improving their working conditions and increasing their income through their integration into the waste circular economy. As the lack of economic opportunities remains one of the key challenges of this community, they have been often forced to earn their livelihoods with the collection of waste material. In order to address this challenge, the project will seek to strengthen the self-organization of IWCs in social enterprises. It is envisaged that the IWCs will benefit from official registration and membership at the social enterprise. The primary benefits for IWCs to become members of the SE is that they will gain access to processing and transport equipment such as tricycles and small transporters, which they can lease on a daily basis for a viable fee. FIQ firmly believe that social entrepreneurship is one of the key active labour market policies that can be utilized to create sustainable jobs at a local level, and once fully operational and self-sufficient, such social enterprises can have a significant impact in the communities and target groups they serve. Supporting local CSOs, especially those working with vulnerable groups and returnees, in gaining work experience through starting projects and social business is an effective mechanism to help shift their operational mind-set towards efficiency and sustainability. 

As part of the project, Trainings modules to the chosen target group participants, with the aim of building their key skills and competencies for starting and running a social business, including (but not limited to) trainings on skills and competencies that can are also transferable if they wish to pursue a job in the private and/or public sector, such as trainings on Social Entrepreneurship & Business Planning, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Time Management & Productivity, and Job Landing Workshop (Job searching, CV & Interview Prep)


Location of the assessment


Key accountabilities

  • Conduction of  five training modules.
  • The trainings will be delivered in an interactive format, utilizing lectures, the case method for encouraging negotiations and discussions among the 20 participants. 
  • The participants will be divided into two groups of 10,  and each participant will go through 10 days of training.

Person specification


  • Education: Graduate studies in economy, social sciences, development studies, or equivalent combination of education and experience in a related area;
  • Demonstrated experience in undertaking needs assessment (supporting documents appreciated) or similar activities;
  • Familiarity with participatory approaches and ownership-development strategies;
  • Excellent analytical, research, writing and communication skills;
  • Large autonomy; high flexibility and adaptation capacities to the contexts and environment, solution-oriented
  • Strategic thinker.
  • Ability to comply strictly with deadlines and work in a timely manner


Required language skills

  • English mandatory

Offer expected

  • CV including references
  • Cover letter
  • Financial proposal (including unit price per day). 
  1. Timeframe of the assignment  


Timeframe of the assignment is 01 July  2021  – 10 September 2021 


  • Confidentiality  

Forum for Civic Initiatives will have exclusive ownership of all information generated as part of this assignment. The Consultant may pass the information on to other parties in specific instances if Forum for Civic Initiatives to this in advance in writing. The Consultant will treat as confidential all information provided by Forum for Civic Initiatives and/or other parties as part of this assignment.  


The requested documents should be submitted by the 29th of June to

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