Deadline of application for training providers is extended to 17th of June 2021. APPLY NOW!

  TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR TRAINING PROVIDERS     1. ToR Objectives Within the “CSOs Going Digital (CGD)”, managed by Open Data in Kosovo, and implemented by Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ), we are seeking the contracting of a physical/legal entity or company offering training services in the following topics: Outreach and Mobilization, Digital Transformation for CSOs, Social Media Management; Graphic Design Fundamentals; WordPress Fundamentals; and Digital Accounting.   2. Description of Tasks and Responsibilities The contracted person/legal entity shall provide services to the CSOs Going Digital (CGD)’’ project for 12 training days total (2 days per module).
  • Expected results and final outcomes
  • Submission of prepared training materials
  • Organizing 12 training days;
  • Compliance with foreseen deadlines;
  • Professionalism in performing tasks;
  • Written reports on each training module held.
3.Expert Profile and Requirements
  • The contracted person/entity shall be a professional in the fields relevant to the training modules specified in this TOR;
  • Must have prior experience in training delivery ;
  • Excellent command of Albanian;
  • Must be able to work independently;
  • Qualification and experience must be proven through the CV of the respective trainer for each module.
  • Financial Offer
In terms of application documents, businesses/organizations would also need to submit the following:
  •  An offer specifying which training modules you can provide training for, including past references on the topic, and CVs of potential trainers.
  • Business Registration document
4.Task Duration The training modules will be held between June and November 2021
  • The engagement will be made on the basis of a service contract between the Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ) and the contracted party;
  • This service will be provided by external contractors;
  • These terms of reference will be an integral part of the contract between the Forum for Civic Initiatives and the contracted party.
  The deadline for application is the 17th of June 2021. Please submit your offers to